New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, I’ll make a resolutionThat I’ll never make another oneJust enjoy this ride on my trip around the sunJust enjoy this ride …Until it’s done – Trip Around the Sun This time of year, most people make promises to themselves about what they’ll accomplish in the new year, which usually involves some life-altering change they wouldn’t otherwise attempt….


New & Updated Blog Post Categories

I’ve added some new blog post categories and made some changes. Here’s the current list: Awesome Apps (rss) – non-Microsoft applications I really enjoy. Favorites (rss) – posts with links to useful stuff I may need later, and you may find useful, too. (added – 2/3/05) General (rss) – just like it says, but software development…


New Team System Stuff – 2004-12-29

Quite a backlog of stuff to blog about! However, I think I’ve crossed the line from blog post to newsletter. Visual Studio 2005 Team System, December 2004 CTP If you haven’t heard, we shipped the Dec CTP of Team System last Wednesday, December 22nd. As promised, it went out before the holidays. It’s available for…


It Was Twenty Years Ago Today…

December 26, 1984 Twenty years ago today, I joined the United States Navy as an Electrician’s Mate in the Naval Nuclear Power Program. During my eleven year career in the Navy, I served aboard an aircraft carrier (USS Eisenhower, CVN-69 video) and a guided missile cruiser (USS Virginia, CGN-38). I left the Navy as an E-6 on September…


Running Domain Controllers in Virtual Server 2005

If you’re like me, you may choose to use Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 to experiment with Team System. Here’s a document I wish I had found earlier that might make life easier for you when you try to create a private domain: Running Domain Controllers in Virtual Server 2005 Overview Virtual Server is a Microsoft…


VSTS December CTP Now Available on MSDN

Visual Studio 2005 CTP – December 2004 – DVD (English) is now propagating to the MSDN Subscriber Downloads servers. Here are some visual guides for installing: Two-Computer Install (including Domain Controller) Three-Computer Install (plus Domain Controller)


Team Foundation Installation Guide – v1.0.41222

I just posted a new version (1.0.41222) of the Team Foundation Installation Guide for the Visual Studio 2005 Team System December CTP release. This version supersedes the version you’ll see on the DVD. You’ll find both a CHM and a PDF version. To make a long story short, you can’t print the entire guide from…


New Team System Stuff – 2004-12-20

Visual Studio Team System Chats & Blogs Now blogging: the Visual Studio Team Foundation team (Introducing the Team Foundation Blog) – announced by Ling Bao, one of the Program Managers on Team Foundation. Noah Coad asked me to help spread the word about some upcoming chats with the team that’s bringing you Team Developer and Team…


November CTP in December? Is this the VSTS CTP?

Just a note about the November CTP that appeared on MSDN Subscriber Downloads late last week… This is not the promised CTP for Visual Studio Team System. That will be available for download as the December CTP sometime before Christmas (knock on wood). The November CTP is as described on the download page (take note…