NAB Mobile Highlights

Silverlight has been a part of Microsoft’s NAB Show booth since its initial release a few years ago.  This year for the first time at NAB we are demonstrating Silverlight on devices.  Here is a photo of our “device bar” at NAB. 


From the left: Windows Phone 7, Nokia s60 device, and an iPhone all the way on the right.

As you can see we are demonstrating several form factors at NAB, including two Windows Phone 7 devices (one not shown), two Nokia S60-based N97 mini devices, and an iPhone.  One question we get from customers in the booth at NAB is “Why does Microsoft have Nokia devices and an iPhone device in our booth?”  Microsoft has worked with Nokia to bring the Silverlight experience to the browser on Nokia s60-based devices.  The iPhone demonstrates Microsoft’s Adaptive streaming technology providing video to the iPhone QuickTime player:



The cross-platform, cross-device Silverlight story really hits home now that we can demonstrate mobile Silverlight applications running on both Windows Phone 7 and Nokia created by our customers who already have desktop Silverlight solutions such as and the Home Shopping Network at  Here is a shot of the application running on Windows Phone and Nokia:


Here is a screenshot of the demo application:



The Windows Phone 7 devices generated a tremendous amount of interest for Silverlight development in the booth.  To learn more about how to develop Silverlight applications for Windows Phone 7 please check out this link.

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