What about Windows Phone 6.5?

A lot of customers are asking this question:  “What’s the future for Windows Phone 6.5 that just shipped a few months ago, given how different Windows Phone 7 looks and feels in the videos an demos?

Well, here are some good indicators that Microsoft is still investing in Windows Phone 6.5:

  • From Todd Brix’s blog post, he provides shares that Microsoft is “introducing a Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Developer Toolkit (DTK) which includes support for a new generation of Windows Mobile 6.5 phones that include capacitive touch screens

  • From this link: “for folks that are kept up at night worrying about security, the Windows Phone 6.5 operating system has officially obtained Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 4+ (EAL4+)”  You don’t invest in obtaining this level of certification in an OS that doesn’t have a future…

  • The new Developers Toolkit (DTK) for a new generation of Windows Mobile 6.5 phones that include capacitive touch screens comes packed with great new features like a Bing Map Control, Widget VS Integration, Bubble Tiles, Auto Dialog Layout, and more.  Download the DTK here:

Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Developer Tool Kit:


Microsoft also announced a new OS SKU, Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition.  This new SKU allows our partners tokeep up with the growing demand for smartphones in emerging markets with a lower cost alternative for work and play.  Liz Sloan’s blog has more info.

Comments (2)

  1. Personalised Gift Ideas says:

    MS seem to be all about vaporware products and promises these days – their actual delivery clearly sucks.

    Given that the iPhone was launched in 07, and MS have had years to develop a new phone OS, you have to conclude that they just haven’t bothered.

    In the same timeframe we’ve seen Android get developed from scratch, and even Meizu have managed to get products to market!

  2. By no means is any company perfect, though it sounds like you may disagree with me on that point.  To name one mobile product delivered  with our partners, the HTC HD2 device is a great phone shipping today.  It has received very positive reviews in the marketplace as well.  Other products that have been delivered: Windows 7, XBOX, Windows Server…should I go on?:-)    

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