Windows Phone 7 Series Announced!

Today at Mobile World Congress we announced, demonstrated, and answered questions, on Windows Phone 7 Series (or just “Windows Phone” for short).  For how quiet Microsoft has kept information both internally and externally regarding the new platform, we really showed it off today.  Check out the Windows Phone hands-on video on Channel 9:

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Additional links:

The Windows Phone 7 Series Web Site is up and running with a lot of great information. 

Looking for developer information on Windows Phone 7 Series?  Check out this opportunity to learn about the development platform at MIX 10.

Check here for the recording of the live press conference from MWC, screen shots, and the press release.  From the press conference: (Mobile Operator Partners)


An article on Engadget covering Windows Phone 7 Series.

To quote Gizmodo on Windows Phone 7 Series: “Everything is different now.”  Check out the article here.

A great blog post on 7 exciting aspects to Windows Phone 7 Series by product team member Anand Iyer.

Check out the Windows Phone blog as well as follow me (@robcamer), @WindowsPhone, @wp7dev and @ckindel for twitter updates. 

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