Windows Mobile RampUP – The Place to Start

There is a ton of information and resources available on the Internet to get up to speed on Windows Mobile development.  However, it can be daunting to know where to dive in, even for a seasoned developer.  That’s where the Windows Mobile RampUp is the place to start.  This link provides a great overview but here is some quick info:

RampUp is a free online learning program that helps developers to acquire skills in specific technologies and development areas, such as Windows Mobile Development, SharePoint Development and many others. RampUp is completely free. It provides easy-to-access content, in a guided path that defines the important lessons and the order in which you learn them.

RampUp content is offered in a variety of forms that allow you to choose the best way to learn; we have articles, codecasts, slidecasts and v-labs. All the content has been authored by well-known experts in the field, such as well-known book and article authors and MVPs.

To access the Windows Mobile track for RampUp, click here. The Windows Mobile RampUp track consists of 7 modules, each of which takes you one step further to master Windows Mobile Application Development.

What I like about the RampUp program is that it focuses on the tools first to help you understand how to work to put your existing development skills to use but it also moves on to more advanced topics to tackle the challenging issues such as developing an application that works on both Standard and Professional devices as well as on Portrait and Landscape mode.

After completing RampUp, move on to the Windows Mobile development center for more info.

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