Live Search for Windows Mobile

I blogged about this application a while back but it is worth mentioning again because of the improvements in the latest version such as voice recognition and better GPS integration.  I have a new Windows Mobile 6 phone that includes a GPS so I have been testing the Live Search application for real-world driving.  My test scenario is several weekends driving all over the Atlanta metro area for my daughter's basketball tournaments at various local high schools.

The GPS integration works great.  Even when driving on the highway, the maps download fast enough to keep up as I drive down the highway, which much seemed better in this latest version compared to the previous version.  The application has well timed "beep" notifications for when you have a turn coming up so can safely keep your eyes on the road. 

I was thinking about getting a stand-alone GPS unit but this setup (WM 6 phone with built-in GPS and Live Search for Mobile) is "good enough" for my purposes.  My only complaint is that it can take a while for the application to get my GPS position the first time when loading the app.  I don't know if it is an issue with the phone or software but it is something to keep in mind if you need quick directions. 

Oh, the other thing is that after a couple of hours of driving the battery starts running low so it is wise to charge the phone when using it as a navigation tool.  Luckily my new after market HDRadio includes a USB port and Aux jack for my Zune.  When using the phone for navigation, I connect the phone via the USB cable to my radio to keep it charged while navigating.

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