Counting Fish in a Lake

The question “How secure is any product?” is a similar question to “how many bugs does an application have?”  As my software engineering professor liked to say in grad school, “trying to count bugs in an application is like trying to count fish in a lake.”  How do you know whether you missed a fish or not?…


What are the most active 25 Open Source Projects

Yes, I intentionally left out that I am referring to the top 25 on Microsoft’s CodePlex:-)   I know that there are many active Open Source projects beyond CodePlex that have been around longer than CodePlex but this link at eWeek lists the most active 25 Open Source Projects at Microsoft’s CodePlex so I wanted to…


Testers Get Respect! :-)

Check out Jeff Beehler’s Blog announcing the Tester Center on MSDN here.  Testers play a critical role in successful software but quite often I find that enterprise customers either have the devs act as testers (never a good idea) or a subset of end-users (a good idea but not enough) for applications with a UI….


Is Windows Forms Technology Dead in Visual Studio 2008?

Answer: Not at all, however, the above question leads to this follow-on question: How do all of these UX technologies like Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, XBAP, and Silverlight fit together? With Visual Studio 2008, the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) designers are greatly improved over the “cider” designer shipped for Visual Studio 2005, however, there…


Want to Read the .NET Framework Source Code?

 If you think it would be helpful as a developer to be able to debug into the source code of the .NET Framework, then we have exciting news for you.  With Visual Studio 2008, you will be able to do exactly that.  As part of the Shared Source Initiative, Microsoft will release the source code…


How Do I Migrate from X to Visual Studio 2005 / .NET

My role at Microsoft is to talk with Communications Sector customers (Media & Entertainment, print, telco, cable, wireless, etc.) about Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework.  We have a lot of excitement around the development platform and I am asked quite often for information on tools that can help with migration to Visual Studio…