My Favorite Mobile Application (Works on WM, Blackberry, Other Devices)

If you have not tried out Live Search for Mobile you are definitely missing out.  I have been using it for several months.   There is a versions available for all flavors of Windows Mobile (2003 and later).  There is a version for BlackBerry 4.0 or later as well as a version “for any Mobile Phone”….


Speaking at the Sprint Application Developer’s Conference December 13th

I’m a bit late getting this post out but if you are attending the Sprint Application Developer’s conference this week in sunny south Florida I hope to see you there Thursday.  I am delivering a session on Windows Mobile Development at 1:30 in Atlantic ballroom 2. If you work for a Communications Sector (Media & Entertainment,…

Check out the Media Mechanics Blog

I mentioned in the past that I focus on the telecommunications and media & entertainment industries.  A teammate of mine Harry Mower just posted a great article about our media technology roadmap as a follow-up to Scott Guthrie’s post about the Microsoft .Net Web Technology Roadmap Take a look here to read the article.  There…


Zune + ZunePass + Windows Media Center = Very Cool

The Zune V2 shipped a few weeks ago but I didn’t want to blog about my experience until I spent at least a few weeks with it.  As background, I didn’t purchase a Zune V1.  I had a Creative music player and it got the job done.  I did subscribe to our internal discussion list…


Interested in learning more on OPEN XML?

I recently got a query from a customer for information on Open XML development and compiled a couple of links so sharing here as well: Good background on Open XML and link to technical preview: Office Document: Open XML Markup Explained (book download) Office Sample: Building Server-Side Document Generation Solutions Using the Open XML Object…

Silverlight + ASP.NET AJAX + WCF

I started working on a sample that demonstrated a Silverlight 1.0 application that leveraged ASP.NET AJAX to make web service calls written using WCF but like all good developers I searched the Net first to see what I could find that was useful. What I found was a great sample (great because it is simple…


Couldn’t resist posting that Visual Studio 2008 / .NET 3.5 Shipped today!

Soma announced that VS2008 and .NET 3.5 shipped today. It is available via MSDN Downloads for subscribers here. Don’t forget, you can target .NET Framework 2.0 with Visual Studio 2008 so existing .NET Framework 2.0 developers can start taking advantage of Visual Studio 2008 right away:-)


SYNC makes me want to buy a Ford

As I get closer to purchasing a Zune 80 next week when they become available, I have been looking at the different accessories available.  There are many new accessories available for Zune this year but this one caught my eye, though it is definately not Zune specific.  It works with many different devices.  SYNC is an in-car…


Counting Fish in a Lake

The question “How secure is any product?” is a similar question to “how many bugs does an application have?”  As my software engineering professor liked to say in grad school, “trying to count bugs in an application is like trying to count fish in a lake.”  How do you know whether you missed a fish or not?…


What are the most active 25 Open Source Projects

Yes, I intentionally left out that I am referring to the top 25 on Microsoft’s CodePlex:-)   I know that there are many active Open Source projects beyond CodePlex that have been around longer than CodePlex but this link at eWeek lists the most active 25 Open Source Projects at Microsoft’s CodePlex so I wanted to…