Adventures in XNA 5: The Sharing of Games is About to Begin

An imminent update to the XNA Framework will allow for sharing of packaged XNA Game Studio Express Games. Developers will be able to package their binary games into a single file to share with other users of XNA Game Studio Express.  These files can be emailed or hosted on websites like any other files.  To…


Adventures in XNA 4: XNA Creators Club Goes Live at the GDC

If there’s one thing that the XBox teams seem to nail, it’s the community orientation of sites like the new XNA Creators Club.  It’s the shiny new hub for all things XNA, including samples, downloadable games, video tutorials, developer forums, and more. I authenticated at the site in a few seconds using my Passport and…


Adventures in XNA 3: The XNA Animation Component Library

I’ve mentioned the XNA Animation Component Library in passing in my last two posts on XNA, so I wanted to take a moment to direct you toward the XNA Animation Component Library. I will confess: there is a reason it took me a while to launch myself into XNA.  The original challenge I’d set myself…


Adventures in XNA 2: How Hard is XNA Development, Really?

You probably don’t read the Official XBox Magazine, which is billed as “The UK’s Number One XBox360 Magazine.”  All you need to know is that it’s a magazine written by fanboys, for fanboys.  Impartiality doesn’t seem to be on tap there, but admiration for all things XBox certainly is. So imagine my surprise a few…


XNA Video Montage shows nascent indie games (and XNA Studio Beta 2, with Content Pipeline!)

I’m impressed by the diversity and quality of the nascent indie games featured in this XNA Video Montage, which was released on Major Nelson’s blog in a format which is optimized for the Zune.* XNA Game Studio is a set of tools based on Visual C# Express 2005 that allow students and hobbyists to build…


Students ask the most interesting things

Last Wednesday I gave a presentation to SkyNet, the University of Limerick Computer Society.  About 30 undergrad and graduate students turned up for Atlas, Vista and pizza, in that order. What I showed them was basically a riff on my ASP.NET “Atlas” presentation from ApacheCon Europe, but I also spent some time talking about the…


New Team Foundation Server features in Service Pack 1 Beta (and Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Betas)

The Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Beta has just been released.  Here’s the official announcement.  You can register for and download the Service Pack updates at  (The Connect site is a bit finnicky. If you get stuck, see below.*)   The usual caveats about betas apply, but if you install SP1 Beta, I…


Top Tips for free Microsoft support and training resources

Clare asked Dave and me to reveal some hidden gems that are available from Microsoft for technical support and learning.  This was our list of the shiniest gems that we find devs and IT pros don’t always know about.  I also posted the Best of the Rest as an article.   1. MSDN Forums –…


Dave and Rob’s Top 5 Tips for Free Microsoft Support and Learning Resources (and the Best of the Rest!)

Dave and Rob’s Top 5 Tips for Free Microsoft Support and Learning Resources   1. MSDN Forums – Looking for answers to your toughest technical questions?  The MSDN forums are regularly visited by members of the product teams, MVPs, influencers, and experts.  Broken out by technology and then by detailed subject.  Solve technical problems,…


XNA Studio Express Beta now available

I just got word (through my free subscription to the Connect program) that XNA Game Studio Express Beta is available for download at the Microsoft Download Center from the location at this link.  You may be interested in a discussion in the XNA Team Blog about the XNA Framework Content Pipeline.  It includes video goodness….