Nikon’s RAW (NEF) Vista Codec Updated

Nikon has released an updated version of their RAW (NEF) Codec for Vista that resolves an issue that caused it to suddenly stop working last week. Apparently the problem had something to do with an expired certificate. The new Codec is still labeled version 1.01. However, if you uninstall the old 1.00 or 1.01 codec,…


Three Technologies that will change photography

Quite an interesting article in the Microsoft PhotoBlog: Program Manager Jordan Schwartz describes 3 Technologies that will change Photography. The three he cites are Mini Projectors, Liquid Lenses and GPS.  And it’s worth the link just for the mad-cool photo of the Mini Projector. This would also be a great chance to link again to…


Big, Wide, and Deep Imagery from Microsoft Research

Big – We’re talking GIGApixels of data (3.7 gigpixels in this image thumbnailed here)Wide – Wide enough – like 150 degrees – that presenting the “right” projection of part of the image is non-trivialDeep – So deep that high dynamic range comes into play – over 100x variation – as you zoom and pan around. Is…


Package from Canada

Moose as far as the eye can see.


TechReady4 Kicks off in Seattle – Caption this photo of Steve Ballmer on fire.

The TechReady conference is off to a great start.  I’ve shaken off the jetlag and am overwhelmed by the smorgasbord of sessions. Here’s a photo of Steve Ballmer firing us up during this morning’s keynote.  He’s still got it!! TechReady is an internal technical readiness conference, so despite my (characteristic) enthusiasm, I have to be…


Ireland Vista Launch Party – Republic of Loose photos

Irish band Republic of Loose played The Village in Dublin last night for Microsoft Ireland’s Vista launch party.  It was a sold-out free gig that’s part of the Experience Wow Vista fanfare here in Ireland. I came armed with my camera and there’s a set of photos up on Flickr now.  If you haven’t heard Republic of Loose before,…


Photography Phriday: Nikon RAW (NEF) Codec for Vista, and Microsoft Photo Info for Vista, XP

Two nice new downloads for photographers made me re-think my photo-processing pipeline today. Nikon has released their RAW (NEF) Codec for Vista.  Follow the link to download it, or open Vista’s Windows Photo Gallery and it will automatically check for updates and prompt you.  You’ll get Vista Live Icons for RAW images, as well as…


A week in the arctic (.NET, AI, Photography, Moose)

In the spirit of five things you didn’t know about me comes thing #6 you were blissfully unaware of: #6: I spent a summer north of the arctic circle, in Tromsø, northern Norway and #6a: I was up there again last week!  Here’s stuff from my trip along the themes of this blog:   .NET and AI: I…


Microsoft CES Keynote, Microsoft Home Server and my Sister’s Husky

I’m watching the Bill Gates CES keynote today. For me, the coolest announcement is the Microsoft Home Server.  Automated backup of all your home PC data, connectivity to other PCs, Zune, XBox, and also remote connectivity without complexity.  I created a similar home server setup myself using a low-power PC, Windows Server 2003, and a…


Fun with Photosynth’s Autoplay – what a screensaver that would make!

The Photosynth Team describes a “hidden” switch that activates Autoplay on a Photosynth collection, triggering Photosynth to automatically advance through the images in a tour that will take you through every photo in the set. Rob La Gesse, in the comments of the Photosynth blog, describes a VB6 app that he whipped up to turn…