Silverlight Developer Reference Diagram

Click to download.  With props to Expression Product Manager Arturo Toledo for putting this together, and thanks for the cool poster version they’re giving out here at MIX!


MIX Misc Monday

Myspace presentation: Serving up the long tail’s mp3 and other rich content at scale is an awesome task.  And by “awesome” I mean the original, “awe-inspiring” sense of the word.  Myspace is using the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime from Microsoft Robotics Studio as part of their infrastructure. Monday Announcement Round-up: Nick White has a summary of…


MIX07 Keynote: Favourite Moments (and photos)

After this morning’s MIX07 keynote, I am reinvigorated about the power and potential of Silverlight. Here are my favourite moments: Scott Guthrie debugging a Silverlight application’s .NET code that was running on a Mac in the Safari browser, changing a property on a remote .NET object in the running app by using the Immediate Window…


MIX07 Welcome Swag

Swag found in my MIX07 Welcome Pack: 1 Silverlight / Mix07 T-Shirt (obligatory)1 copy Vista Ultimate (cool)1 copy Expression Studio (double cool!!)3 coloured “discipline” armbands to identify the like-minded at MIX (Blue=Developer, Green=Business, Yellow=Design)1 thingamayoke1 Silverlight sticker1 Vista-branded USB key in black fuzzy box (containing Live Platform In-A-Box, Live Search Starter Applications, Live Search…


Adventures in XNA 6: A Wii Flock of Boids

Here’s a flock of butterflies, brought to you in XNA, which can soar around their environment with the help of the Wii controller. By tilting and rolling the Wiimote, you can control the flight of the lead butterfly.  The rest of the flock sticks together, chasing you wherever your accellerometer-fuelled flights of fancy take you….


Tá ocras ar an Orcas: Visual Studio "Orcas" Beta 1 available

I’m working on two projects in the evenings: One is an XNA app (no surprises there), and the other is a Live Messenger bot that is going to integrate the DotMSN bot library, WCF, WF, SQL2005 and more.  I’ve been building that second project with the March CTP of Visual Studio Code Name “Orcas”. Lots…


Microsoft Robotics Studio, and teaching robotics north of the arctic circle

I was excited to see a good friend, Mona, start blogging about her experience running a science center located north of the arctic circle.  It’s fascinating reading.  They’re designing interactive exhibits and experiments: everything from visualizing DNA to creating 5-meter-high geisers of Coke and computer-controlled Lego greenhouses.  Mona has a background in marine microbiology, she’s an innovative teacher,…


Sliverlight (nee WPF/E)

That’s quite pretty. Here’s more on SilverLight, the technology formerly known as WPF/E.   “If you’d just shown that logo to me, I wouldn’t have thought it was Microsoft.” That’s pretty high praise, given who it came from…


Guitar and Wii Controller into XNA: All Games are Wish Fulfillments

One of my favourite game designers of all time, Tim Schafer (Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, Psychonauts) once hammered home during a talk at the Game Developers Conference that all games are wish fulfillments. That probably explains why I played a lot of Guitar Hero 2 this week.  (I was having trouble with the licks ’til…


MSDN Flash Ireland – International Resources – 11 Apr 2007

Evaluation Center Experience the New MSDN Evaluation Center The new central location to register to download trial software. Receive updates during the evaluation period and enjoy a set of technical resources put together to enhance your evaluation experience. Try Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 Get an overview of the 2007 Microsoft Office system user interface (UI),…