Bill Gates on the Daily Show

Bill Gates was great on The Daily Show!  (Link goes to Youtube clip.)      

where Design comes from this month

There’s a fresh wealth of design ideas in this month’s Where Design Comes From newsletter.    My favorite piece is Jonathan Yuen’s design portfolio, which he’s delicately sketched with ink and innovation.  Interacting is a joy and gives a satisfying sense of discovery.  Frame the frog, for instance, to find his photo gallery. Uniqlo showcases garments…

Petzold’s new WPF book, Applications = Code + Markup, is brilliant

I’ve been meaning to write for some time about Charles Petzold’s book on the Windows Presentation Foundation, Applications = Code + Markup.  Early reviews of the book offered glowing praise, so I ordered a copy of my own. I’ve read enough of it by now to offer it my highest recommendation.  If you are working…


Fun with Texture Transfers

One of the image processing technologies that Andrew Blake (of Microsoft Research) showed us during his Computer Science and Illusion presentation was image quilting, where bits of a texture are stitched together into a large, cohesive image. A cool application of image quilting is texture transfer, where bits of a source texture are stitched together…


Illusion, Theory, Computation: Andrew Blake on Computer Vision

Here is a link to the slides from Andrew Blake’s fascinating presentation last night on Computer Science and Illusion. (44MB, zipped PPT)  His presentation took us on a journey through four topics from computer vision: perspective drawing, texture, shading, and his current interest, stereo projection.  For each topic, we progressed from visual illusions (such as…


Looking forward to Computer Science and Illusion on Wednesday in Dublin

If you’re in the Dublin area, don’t forget that Andrew Blake from Microsoft Research will be presenting on Wednesday night at Trinity College Dublin on the subject of Computer Science and Illusion.  The talk will explore and demonstrate connections between visual perception, geometry, and computer processing of images.  In other words, the sort of stuff…


Andrew Blake, ‘Computer Science and Illusion’ presentation in Dublin, September 6th

A highly respected Senior Researcher from Microsoft Research in Cambridge is visiting Dublin on Wednesday September 6th to give an evening’s presentation titled Computer Science and Illusion: A Computational View of the Interpretation and Manipulation of Images.  Professor Andrew Blake has made major contributions to the field of Computer Vision, and he is also an accessible…


Strange brew (eh)

Here is my Canada Day jogging soundtrack from this morning, which you may also find suitable for during a Leafs game, after watching the ultimate modern adaptation of Hamlet, or (where I originally heard most of them) all throughout Friday afternoon Ritual at Clark Hall Pub: Barstool Prophets – Last of the Big Game Hunters…


New Windows Live Local – with traffic data, updated developer support, and more!

Windows Live Local (Virtual Earth) has released a new Beta version of their online mapping application, which now includes features like live traffic information, new maps of the UK, and some really impressive new developer support! Fellow evangelist Tim Sneath has the details. I was disappointed to find that there’s no live traffic data available for…


Web The Next (TM)

The only thing funnier than Something Awful’s take on Web 2.0 is O’Reilly’s take on the upcoming IT @ Cork MiniConference on Web 2.0. Common sense surrenders.  [Update: Gotta respect them for responding.]