Keeping Connected to Microsoft in Ireland

The whole Developer and Platform group have joined forces to start an MSDN Ireland Group Blog, including new developers Martha Rotter and Ronan Geraghty (who I must say are off to an amazing start with the group).  Inimitable community guru Clare Dillon, as well as Olive Cannon and Ciara Murphy, who you might know through…


After the Last Stand

When the XNA-fuelled fireworks were over at yesterday’s Last Stand in Dublin (literally and figuratively) I was totally lost for words. When does that ever happen?! What I really want to say most is thank you – especially to Clare Dillon, Philip McKeown, Fergal Breen and everyone else at Microsoft, MTUG, IrishDev and beyond who…


Rob’s Last Stand: XNA, Microsoft Robotics Studio, 360s, Wiis, and Dancing Robots

Talk Abstract:  By day, he’s helped mild-mannered developers build n-tiered architectures using .NET technologies. But by night, the real Rob comes out.  The one that works endlessly – nay, furiously – with XNA and the Microsoft Robotics Studio.  And now, with backpack and camera over shoulders, he’s going freelance, making the IMTC, in fact, Rob’s…


Dublin Event, May 28th: Windows Server 2008 Jumpstart

There are some exciting things coming for developers in Windows Server 2008, which recently reached Beta 3 under its codename Longhorn Server.  If you’re able to reach Dublin next Monday, you may be interested in the upcoming Longhorn Server Jumpstart Event taking place at the Microsoft Ireland buildings. The developer- and IT-Professional-focused event takes place…


Leaving Las Vegas

I’ve just touched down in Dublin after the long haul back from the MIX conference.  I had an amazing week – days of MIX, nights of Vegas – but it’s with some relief that I’m back here now. On Wednesday morning I snapped this shot of a woman painting in the blue water of the Trevi…


Silverlight Airlines Keynote Demo Online

Last night, Delay announced the publishing of the Silverlight Airlines Demo from Monday’s keynote. He and a colleague, Ted Glaza, built the demo in three weeks, beginning with nothing and building on top of the Silverlight .NET platform as it was still being developed.  Now you can play with it yourself in a browser. You might…


Communities of Purpose: Social Networking Panel

  From left to right on the Social Networking: Enabling the Two-Way Street panel at MIX07:   Dave Morin, Facebook;   Evan Williams, Twitter;     Aaron Emigh, Six Apart;       Joseph Kleinschmidt, Leverage Software;         Marc Canter, Broadband MechanicsThese guys have all created what Joseph referred to as “Communities of Purpose” (and I am a…


Silverlight Developer Reference Diagram

Click to download.  With props to Expression Product Manager Arturo Toledo for putting this together, and thanks for the cool poster version they’re giving out here at MIX!


MIX Misc Monday

Myspace presentation: Serving up the long tail’s mp3 and other rich content at scale is an awesome task.  And by “awesome” I mean the original, “awe-inspiring” sense of the word.  Myspace is using the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime from Microsoft Robotics Studio as part of their infrastructure. Monday Announcement Round-up: Nick White has a summary of…


MIX07 Keynote: Favourite Moments (and photos)

After this morning’s MIX07 keynote, I am reinvigorated about the power and potential of Silverlight. Here are my favourite moments: Scott Guthrie debugging a Silverlight application’s .NET code that was running on a Mac in the Safari browser, changing a property on a remote .NET object in the running app by using the Immediate Window…