MIX07 Welcome Swag

Swag found in my MIX07 Welcome Pack: 1 Silverlight / Mix07 T-Shirt (obligatory)1 copy Vista Ultimate (cool)1 copy Expression Studio (double cool!!)3 coloured “discipline” armbands to identify the like-minded at MIX (Blue=Developer, Green=Business, Yellow=Design)1 myspace.com thingamayoke1 Silverlight sticker1 Vista-branded USB key in black fuzzy box (containing Live Platform In-A-Box, Live Search Starter Applications, Live Search…


British Library WPF Application: Leaf through & annotate historic texts

The British Library has launched an application that uses the Windows Presentation Foundation to let you leaf through historic texts.  Like Doninoken (mentioned yesterday), it’s published as an XBAP – a WPF application that runs within Internet Explorer, and uses WPF’s 3D capabilities. Check it out – you can read Alice written in Lewis Carroll’s…


WPF: Free DataGrid control, Doninoken movie

There were a couple of interesting Windows Presentation Foundation bits I’ve seen recently. A third-party called XCeed has released a DataGrid control for WPF that is free of charge!  A DataGrid was conspicuously missing from the WPF toolbox and I think XCeed are on to a winner here.  Click through the link for a demo…


WPF/E — Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere — Community Preview

Interested in developing applications in the Windows Presentation Foundation that you can run… everywhere? “WPF/E” is the Microsoft solution for delivering rich, cross-platform, interactive experiences including animation, graphics, audio, and video for the Web and beyond. Utilizing a subset of XAML-based Windows Presentation Foundation technology, “WPF/E” will enable the creation of content and applications that…


Interact with 2D in 3D: 3D Tools for the Windows Presentation Foundation

With the 3D Tools for the Windows Presentation Foundation library, which is now available on CodePlex, the Windows Presentation Foundation team has reduced the 3D case back to 2D, and made it possible to interact with 2D objects within a 3D scene.  See the WPF 3D Team blog for more details, samples, and all the links you…


Flash (SWF) to XAML converter

Mike Swanson has created a Flash (.SWF) to XAML conversion tool called SWF2XAML.  Great stuff!!  KarstenJ interviewed Mike discussing the utility on Channel9. Mike’s utility will be a great addition to the toolbox for artists who have content in Flash that they’d like to incorporate into Windows Presentation Foundation apps. I knew exactly how I wanted…


NLarge is now a CodePlex community project

NLarge is now hosted up on CodePlex as a community project!  If you haven’t seen CodePlex, it’s like “Team Foundation Server in the Sky”: a place to host community projects, which hosts code, wikis, work items, and all the other great Team Foundation Server collaboration stuff. NLarge is my humble little utility that I find useful…


DirectX demos still get my juices flowing

On Tuesday I attended Mike Pelton’s session about how to choose between WPF and DirectX for rendering 3D graphics. He began by illustrating WPF’s strengths, and specifically called out data binding, the similarities between the 2D and 3D APIs, and the ease with which WPF developers can perform common activities like hit testing. But then he…


Introducing NLarge – screen magnifier utility for presentations

NLarge is a free little utility for technical presentations.  It magnifies the screen (via a smooth animation), and allows you to pan and zoom around the magnified image.  You can annotate the magnified screen using the mouse or a Tablet PC pen.  NLarge runs from your system tray, and is triggered by a hotkey (Alt-1)….


Looking for a few great launch Partners

Launch is coming soon, not just for Windows Vista and .NET 3.0, but also the 2007 Office System and Exchange 2007.  We’re looking for a few great Partners to be involved in this very significant event. Over the past two weeks, I’ve met with local development teams who are building applications using Vista-era technologies, including…