All good things …

It has now been almost three years
since I joined Microsoft to work with developers in Ireland.  During
that time, Microsoft has unleashed one-and-a-half new Visual Studios,
presented the world a new Vista, and most recently they've shed some
SilverLight on things.  Meanwhile, I've kept up the auld vices:
dabbling in AI, shooting some photographs, and even introducing
people to the occasional moose.

Silverlit Vista, Georgian Bay

But all good things must come to an end.  The silverlit vista
pictured here was the view out my window last night on Georgian Bay,
just north of Toronto.  I've been back in Canada this week, and am
returning on Friday for my Microsoft Ireland home stretch between now and
the 18th of June.

Next month, I'll be saying farewell and returning to Toronto for an
exciting summer that will culminate with my sister Elizabeth's wedding
in September.  (She and her fiancรฉ Jason are the ones with the adorable husky dogs.) 
Then, with backpack and camera over shoulders, I'm off to see the
world.  And beyond that?  Well, I have some ideas, but you'll have to keep in touch ๐Ÿ™‚

Between now and the middle of June, there are some big things happening for developers in Ireland:

  • There's a Windows Server 2008 (nรฉe Longhorn Server) Jumpstart event coming up in Dublin with some great developer-focused content.
  • Then, at the Irish Microsoft Technology Conference
    on the 7th of June, I'm giving the talk I've always wanted to give,
    which will feature XNA, the XBox360, the Wiimote control, Microsoft
    Robotics Studio, and dancing robots.  Rob's last stand.
  • And, great news for the team, we have three great new people joining the Developer and Platform group in Ireland!!

And now for a little housekeeping: Although I'll keep posting here for
a few weeks, I'm going to move my weblog off of MSDN, and over to my
shiny new blog over at
I'll still be exploring and building and humming and hah-ing, and hope
you'll join me there, where we'll carry on this motif: [.NET, AI, Photography, Moose].  For your convenience and my sanity, I'm going to
split the blog into three main subscription feeds: Personal, Technical, and
(Personal + Technical = ) Everything.

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of my past three years with
Microsoft.  With a month left, it's too early to get sappy, but I do
want to take this chance to say thanks for all the craic, and I very much look
forward to keeping in touch.

with very best wishes,

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  1. Congratulations.  We’ll miss you, but I hope you have a great time touring the world and I hope I bump into you again when you are done.

    Good luck in the future – it has been a pleasure working with you for the past few years.



  2. says:

    Sad news, Robert Burke is leaving Microsoft Ireland ๐Ÿ™ Robert was one of the best speakers I ever met

  3. All the best mate, thanks for all your help with the communities etc…


  4. Hi Rob,

    sorry to hear you’re leaving mate, Irelands developers will miss you and your moose jokes ๐Ÿ˜‰ . Iโ€™m sure you’ll have a great time during your travels while you’re off snapping the world. We’ll have to make IMTC one to remember!


  5. Jonas says:

    This is big news Robert! Congrats on taking a leap of fate and exploring the world!

    I dont know if I’ve mentioned it (or have blogged about it yet), but I’m joining Capgemini i Trondheim 06.august, and in January 2008 Hege and I are moving to Melbourne, Australia. Hege is taking her final year of her bachelors degree, while I’ll be working for Capgemini Australia.

    On your jurney around the world you’re more than welcome to sleep on the couch in Melbourne. We’ll be there from January to December 2008!


    I assume I won’t be seeing you in a while? Let me know if you’re planning a new trip to Tromsø. Berhaps I’ll pay my soccer buddy a visit the same time, and we could do some serious North-Norwegian partying!

  6. baaaa-aaa-aaa says:

    you must call/text me and tell me what’s up!  my hard drive died, so i lost 6 months of email (that’s what i get for storing it locally).  email me and help me build up my inbox again!  it’s my birthday on sunday!  

  7. RobBurke says:

    Thanks everyone for the kind words.  

    Martin, Damien, Simon – hope to see you guys at the community event in June.  Will you be there?  One of the best parts of my work the past few years has been getting to know the Ireland / NI developer community and I will miss working with you guys (but still available for presentations ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    Jonas, I’d love to make it up to Norway again.  The Tromso folks have stopped wondering whether or not I will come back again – I always come back ๐Ÿ™‚  I was sorting through some old photos and realized I’ve been up there even more times than I remembered!  In any case you should definitely head up there at some point so you can see your friends and I can introduce you to Mona at the science museum.

    baaaaa – or should I say RtG or perhaps RtS today – sending you a mail now!

  8. Abstract: By day, he’s helped mild-mannered developers build n -tiered architectures using .NET technologies.

  9. Yes, one man can! By now, many of you will have already seen the very sad news that Rob is leaving the

  10. Rob,

    Sad to hear that youre leaving us in Ireland and heading off to pastures new.  Hope the future bodes well for you and I look forward to reading about your experiences elsewhere.

    All the best man!


  11. Michael Walsh says:

    Hi Rob.

    Congrads on getting to do what you want!

    Sad day for MSDN Ireland though. Your blog was the most frequently updated and interesting out of the rest of the team, didn’t read like a press release either.

    You’re a great speaker and you genuinely seemed excited about vista/office at the launch.

    Also you’re incredibly helpful, and you’re not afraid of hitting the ‘reply’ button in your mail client either.

    Oh, and being excited about XNA with the "Yay, I don’t have to worry about Direct3D.CreateFlags for my device anymore" is sharing OUR joy of XNA too!

    Yep, a really nice helpful guy.

    You’re gonna be a tough act to follow. Now for the world!

    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰


  12. katie says:

    hi i’m from poland. i like music- nelly furtado. song all good tings it’s beatiful mniam

  13. zak says:

    u have done a great job, best of luck for ur future hope u will enjoy as u r on job

  14. Thanks for all of your contributions to the blog Rob.  I’ll look forward to your new blog going up!

  15. RobBurke says:

    Thanks Dave. The new blog is up and going at and I will continue to post followup from my IMTC and new fun stuff up there in the coming weeks when I have more time to explore stuff I’ve been too busy to check out!!

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