Three Technologies that will change photography

Quite an interesting article in the Microsoft PhotoBlog: Program Manager Jordan Schwartz describes 3 Technologies that will change Photography.

The three he cites are Mini Projectors, Liquid Lenses and GPS.  And it's worth the link just for the mad-cool photo of the Mini Projector.

This would also be a great chance to link again to two amazing photographic technologies under development from Microsoft Research: Photosynth and HD View.

What do you think?  Which innovations are really going to change the role photography plays in our lives?

Comments (3)

  1. cathal says:

    Rob, I’m sure you know this already, but photosynth/seadragon is built into Silverlight already (sorry to keep posting silverlight comments on your blogs, but I’m like a kid with a new toy at the minute…)

  2. blipy says:

    cathal I wasn’t aware that photosynth/seadragon was built into Silverlight.  Do you have any examples or doucmentation that you could point us too?

  3. cathal says:

    sorry Rob, haven’t found any yet. I just know it’s out there as it was in Ray Ozzies keynote (see 9:53 @ ).

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