MIX07 Keynote: Favourite Moments (and photos)

After this morning's MIX07 keynote, I am reinvigorated about the power and potential of Silverlight.

Ray Ozzie at the Mix07 KeynoteHere are my favourite moments:

Scott Guthrie debugging a Silverlight application's .NET code that was running on a Mac in the Safari browser, changing a property on a remote .NET object in the running app by using the Immediate Window in Visual Studio back on the PC.  [Link to new Silverlight site.]

The Metaliq demo called Top Banana that showed awesome video editing in a browser window [Link to the Metaliq site.]

The demos our partners created with Silverlight (like Metaliq, CBS, Netflix and Major League Baseball).  I was blown away.  [Update Tuesday: Netflix video, Major League Baseball video.] 

You can view the whole keynote here.

Ray Ozzie at the MIX07 Keynote

Q&A at the MIX07 Keynote

I'm pleased with my photos, which I posted to Flickr.  (To the guy who accidentally took a bounce flash in the eye for the Ray Ozzie shot, I'm really, really sorry.)

Over lunch, Sean and I met and had some great chats with most of the folks from Ireland that we know are here: Tom Raftery (Tom Raftery IT), Walter Higgins (Pixenate), Fergus Burns (nooked/Web2.0Ireland), and Eamonn Fallon (daft.ie).  Looking forward to catching up with Jazz Williams (Dialogue Marketing) soon too.  [update: Found him! 🙂 ] If you're here and we don't know it, please let me know!

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