Tá ocras ar an Orcas: Visual Studio "Orcas" Beta 1 available

I'm working on two projects in the evenings: One is an XNA app (no surprises there), and the other is a Live Messenger bot that is going to integrate the DotMSN bot library, WCF, WF, SQL2005 and more.  I've been building that second project with the March CTP of Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas".

Lots of cool things happening there.

Visual Studio Codename "Orcas" Beta 1 has hit the streets and I'm downloading it now.  Download link is here.  Check out Brad Abram's example of how the new language enhancements can streamline your code.  I'm feeling these improvements myself, big time.  I linked to commentary on the language features previously, and have since appreciated Scott Guthrie's discussion of Lambda Expressions.

On the Live Messenger Bot front, Jonas just published a Vista Gadget interface to a "Bus Oracle" Messenger Bot that can give you bus times for Trondheim, Norway (in Norwegian).  Really cool example of how you can integrate the Live Messenger service, a bot and a Vista Gadget to build a useful application.  That's two Norway stories in two days - must be something in the water up there!

Bringing it back home to Ireland, the title of this post (I'm told) means something like "I've got a hunger on me for Orcas" in Irish Gaelic: Tá ocras ar an Orcas.  I'm happy to be corrected if I have it wrong, but one thing's for sure: in the middle of this monolithic download, I wish that the definition of "home broadband" was faster in this country... 🙂

More info and download for Visual Studio "Orcas" Beta 1 here.  [Note: at time of publishing this blog entry, the download for MSDN Subscribers was available, with a public download promised shortly.]

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  1. Kevin Daly says:

    Actually I think it means "Orcas is hungry". For me to be hungry there’s need to be an "orm" in there.

  2. RobBurke says:

    Kevin thanks for that – where would you put the "orm"?

  3. Andrew McCaughan says:

    More good news is that there are Orcas Express Edition Betas available too.  Exciting news for budding enthusiasts:

    <a href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/future/">http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/future/</a&gt;

  4. RobBurke says:

    I’m getting increasingly sure from conversations around here that I have that Irish wrong…

  5. Tom Raftery says:

    Rob, what you have said translates as "There is hunger on the Orcas (sing.)"!

    To say you have a hunger on you for Orcas you would say something like:

    "Tá ocras orm faoin Orcas"

  6. Wei says:

    Hi Rob,

    It’s good to visit blog of someone who I’ve met in real life. I finally finished my 3-day March CTP download yesterday only to realized that beta 1 is out. Looking forward to another 3 day downloading at 75k/sec peak.

    Hope you are doing very well.

  7. RobBurke says:

    Thanks guys for the Irish help!  I’m going to have to have a re-think of how to do something punny with ocras and Orcas – or maybe I should just sit down before I hurt myself

    And Wei, yeah, my connection at home is still chugging it down, it’s really annoying.  I picked it up at the office on Friday as the VPC image, so I’m going to start playing with it today.  (Yesterday was XNA day.)  Let me know how you get on with it.

  8. Derek Noonan says:

    The full sentence should read "Tá ocras orm fá Orcas".

    One person has posted "Tá ocras orm faoin Orcas" which translates as "I have hunger under Orcas" 😉

    The real problem here of course is that the word ocras isn’t used in Irish to convey hunger for a thing, Irish speakers will tend to use words like need, yearning or want instead of ocras.

    However for what you want to do (play on the words ocras and Orcas) the above sentence is perfectly acceptable.

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