Guitar and Wii Controller into XNA: All Games are Wish Fulfillments

One of my favourite game designers of all time, Tim Schafer (Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, Psychonauts) once hammered home during a talk at the Game Developers Conference that all games are wish fulfillments.

That probably explains why I played a lot of Guitar Hero 2 this week.  (I was having trouble with the licks 'til I remembered Strong Bad's guitar advice, and then it all came back to me.  And Uncle Bob, if you're reading this, yes I will pick up the real guitar again now.)

Did you know that you can plug the Guitar Hero X-Plorer guitar into your PC, and it shows up as a game controller (perhaps as an input device for your own music-fuelled XNA games)?

Did you also know that someone has worked out the Nintendo Wii controller's bluetooth protocol, and if you have the right Bluetooth stack, you can use it from the PC as well?  And there's a .NET library that you can use to integrate it into XNA games?

And finally, this all works in reverse too, and you can plug a USB keyboard into your XBox360 and use it to type messages, name your Pinatas, etc.

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  1. moosity moose moose says:

    ryan’s been telling me that you’ve been playing a lot of guitar hero.  if you see him on in the evening EST, give him a shout — i’m probably around 🙂

  2. You can also use a wii controller as a midi controller; on my list of things to do is to hook the wii controller up to some filters in Ableton Live, attach wii controller to headstock, …

  3. Mona Holmø says:

    I read the MAKE magazine blog today and they had an awesome story about an android playing Guitar Hero, made by the GarageGeeks members members Rafael Mizrahi and Tal Chalozin.

    The original story can be read at

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