Valentia Technologies – Microsoft Global Case Study

I wanted to take a moment to congratuate Valentia Technologies, an Ireland-based company and one of our Microsoft Ireland Vista Launch Partners, for the release of their Microsoft Global Case Study.

Valentia's solution for patient-care reporting is used by emergency care personnel during the "golden hour" after an accident.  According to the "golden hour" principle, a critically-injured patient should be in an operating theatre within 60 minutes of injury. Prospects for survival are significantly improved if information about the inbound patient's condition can be sent in real time from the ambulance to the hospital, helping emergency department clinicians to be better prepared for the patient’s arrival.

The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council in Ireland wanted to use public mobile networks to securely transmit patient data from ambulances for real-time display in hospital emergency departments.  Valentia, who specialise in mobile and wireless technologies in healthcare, delivered this and much more.

Valentia integrates an impressive array of Microsoft technologies in their end-to-end solution, and at Ireland's Windows Vista launch in December they unveiled a proof-of-concept of enhanced features using Windows Vista and the .NET Framework 3.0, including a significantly enhanced interface that uses the Windows Presentation Foundation, and an updated communications channel that uses the Windows Communications Foundation.

You can read more about the reliability, security, extensibility and, importantly, usability benefits Valentia achieved for their system in their global case study.

Congratulations again to Valentia.  This is a really powerful example of developer and platform technologies integrated together to provide extensive and measurable benefits to healthcare.

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