Valentia Technologies – Microsoft Global Case Study

I wanted to take a moment to congratuate Valentia Technologies, an Ireland-based company and one of our Microsoft Ireland Vista Launch Partners, for the release of their Microsoft Global Case Study. Valentia’s solution for patient-care reporting is used by emergency care personnel during the “golden hour” after an accident.  According to the “golden hour” principle,…


Team Foundation Server and Team System: Presents and Futures

These are interesting times for development teams who are using Team System and Team Foundation Server for source control, project lifecycle management, process management and collaboration. TeamPlain: Web-based Access to Team Foundation Server  Yesterday, Microsoft announced the acquisition of devBiz, who created TeamPlain, a piece of software that provides a web interface to Team Foundation Server.  Brian Harry…


WPF/E – Martha Rotter in Belfast and Dublin

Martha Rotter from the WPF/E team is presenting in Belfast tonight and Dublin tomorrow.  You’re going to be hearing a lot about the technology codenamed “Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere” at the upcoming Mix07 conference, and this is the ideal opportunity for developers near Dublin and Belfast to get early insight into Microsoft’s solution for…


Windows Live for Developers: The Good, the Intriguing, and the Way to get Started

On Friday, I showed IT @ Cork the Windows Live Platform for developers.  The “one link to rule them all” for those who want to get started mashing a wide variety of services into their web-based applications is the Windows Live Developer Center on MSDN.   1. The Good: Virtual Earth API The Virtual Earth…


Hungry for ”Orcas”? Try the March CTP!

“Orcas” is the codename for the next release of Visual Studio, which will allow you to develop applications using .NET versions 2.0, 3.0 and the up-and-coming .NET 3.5. The .NET Framework 3.5 introduces no breaking changes, but it does include some exciting new functionality. You can explore the new features in “Orcas” using its March…


Big, Wide, and Deep Imagery from Microsoft Research

Big – We’re talking GIGApixels of data (3.7 gigpixels in this image thumbnailed here)Wide – Wide enough – like 150 degrees – that presenting the “right” projection of part of the image is non-trivialDeep – So deep that high dynamic range comes into play – over 100x variation – as you zoom and pan around. Is…


MSDN Flash Ireland – International Resources – 20 Mar 2007

[Default] Evaluation Center Experience the New MSDN Evaluation Center Register to download software and receive regular updates during the evaluation period, directing you to technical resources, including how-tos, webcasts, downloads, virtual labs, and more. Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 is Now Available for Evaluating Extend this comprehensive suite of applications to deliver solutions that make data…


Watch videos from the Microsoft Research TechFest event

Microsoft Research TechFest provides a forum for Microsoft researchers to connect with the broader group of Microsoft employees and product managers.  The good news is that the Channel 9 video brigade was out in full effect at TechFest 2007, which took place a few weeks ago.  The event featured over 150 new demos and 24 lectures. …


Cool Interface of the Day – Production/Final Video Blending

Striking interface, magnificent content: Hover your mouse over the video to blend a region of pre-production video over top of the polished post-production work.  Click to see both at once.  Gorgeous. By Nastuh, found through Will Weyer’s Fresh Electronic Delivery newsletter from Where Design Comes From.   


Adventures in XNA 5: The Sharing of Games is About to Begin

An imminent update to the XNA Framework will allow for sharing of packaged XNA Game Studio Express Games. Developers will be able to package their binary games into a single file to share with other users of XNA Game Studio Express.  These files can be emailed or hosted on websites like any other files.  To…