Designertopia on the web

Feedback about Designertopia on the web looks positive: lots of diversity in the presentations (here’s one attendee’s take on day one and day two), folks getting buzzed after Expression walkthroughs, and even a good gender balance! Add links in the comments if you have other Designertopia follow-up on the web.   Meanwhile, I’ve touched down…


MSDN Flash Ireland – International Resources – 1 Feb 2007

[Default] Spotlight on: Windows Vista Innovate on Windows Vista Innovate on Windows Vista helps fast-track solutions to success, by qualifying for a logo that tells everyone your existing application works with Windows Vista, and by providing plenty of assistance as you develop new solutions on this advanced platform to gain the Certified for Windows Vista…


Ray Foley Vista interview about Vista, XBox360

I was on Ireland’s Today FM today chatting with Ray Foley about Vista, but since it was Ray Foley, we also ended up chatting about XBox360, Vista’s Media Center and how it integrates with the XBox, and other cool things Vista will do for you at home. And yes… on the XBox, I am YumYumMoose.  Hear my chainsaw roar….


Express Yo’self at Designertopia with new Expression Betas

Two days of designer/developer fusion kick off today at the Designertopia conference in London. Just in time for Designertopia comes good news from the Expression design tools front: Expression Design hit Beta 1, and Expression Blend hit Beta 2.  Both downloads are available from the Expression website. Expression Blend (formerly Expression Interactive Designer) gives designers…