First Irish web hoster offering ASP.NET AJAX!

I asked earlier this week if any of the web hosting companies in Ireland are offering ASP.NET AJAX as part of a dedicated or shared hosting package.

Blacknight solutions are first to the gate informing me that they are ready to go!

They created a standard shared hosting account for me, and I configured it for ASP.NET and uploaded the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit samples.  As you can see if you click on this link, the ASP.NET AJAX samples work great.

Thanks to Michele Neylon and Paul Kelly from Blacknight for the test account.


[Update: Here's Paul's announcement on Blacknight's ASP.NET AJAX support in his blog.  He's yer man if you want technical support at Blacknight.]

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  1. Earlier this week Rob Burke from Microsoft got in touch with us about AJAX extensions. It transpires that none of the Irish hosting companies were offering support for them (at least not officially). Although we hadn’t been supporting…

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