Web Hosters are offering ASP.NET AJAX

Brad Abrams blogged a list of web hosters offering ASP.NET AJAX (formerly "Atlas"), including one in France, and a slew of write-in hosters are included in the comments of his post.

You definitely want a hoster that supports ASP.NET AJAX. Even if all you use is the UpdatePanel control for partial page updates.

Hosters: Are any of you offering ASP.NET AJAX in Ireland yet?

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  1. Softsys says:

    We offer ASP.NET AJAX With all of our hosting plans. The plans range from 50MB Disk space to 10GB Disk space. Have a look at our plans at http://hosting.softsys.org. We have 1800 sites hosted with us clients from all around the world.


  2. I asked earlier this week if any of the web hosting companies in Ireland are offering ASP.NET AJAX as

  3. Earlier this week Rob Burke from Microsoft got in touch with us about Asp.net AJAX extensions. It transpires that none of the Irish hosting companies were offering support for them (at least not officially). Although we hadn’t been supporting…

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