Ray Foley Vista interview about Vista, XBox360

Today FMI was on Ireland's Today FM today chatting with Ray Foley about Vista, but since it was Ray Foley, we also ended up chatting about XBox360, Vista's Media Center and how it integrates with the XBox, and other cool things Vista will do for you at home.

And yes... on the XBox, I am YumYumMoose.  Hear my chainsaw roar. And then visit my Secret Garden full of cuddly little pinatas. 🙂


[Update: Mp3 of interview - for the mammy factor.] Enjoy 🙂


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  1. It was really cool hearing you on radio, Rob.

  2. It’s that magical time of year again, when game developers engage at the Game Developers Conference and

  3. Salmon Moose says:

    Wait… I just realized something…. we have a 360 too…. and a headset….  !!!  we should chat.

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