WPF: Free DataGrid control, Doninoken movie

There were a couple of interesting Windows Presentation Foundation bits I've seen recently.

A third-party called XCeed has released a DataGrid control for WPF that is free of charge!  A DataGrid was conspicuously missing from the WPF toolbox and I think XCeed are on to a winner here.  Click through the link for a demo (with source available) of the fully featured data-bound control - I am well impressed!  Thanks to Tiernan for reminding me of this.


Also, a number of people including Karstenj have pointed out Doninoken, a short film done in WPF for the Japanese Vista launch by design agency Bascule.  The aesthetic is created by cycling detailed texture maps on flat surfaces in 3D space - very reminiscent of cult favourite Parappa the Rapper.  It's a great example of an aestetic that would be very difficult (perhaps impossible) to create without a full 3D engine. 


And on an aesthetic note, sadly, I'm not going to be able to make it to DesignertopiaClare is going to be there though!  So, bloggers -- I want a full report! 🙂  I am off to Seattle for a conference and will try to bring back even more designer/developer info.

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  1. Any idea what a xbap file is? I tried to use the site you linked to, Doninoken, but am getting a download for an xbap file. Is that a WPF/.NET 3.0 thing? (I am on Mac.)

  2. YiBo says:

    Hi Paul,

    Yes,XBap is the file format that used by WPF. It stands for XAML Browser application. Windows applications are normally compiled to .exe, but for the browser application, it is compiled to .xbap. You could use internet explore to run the xbap file directly. Sometimes if you are running particular browser application such as WPF/E, you may need to install add-ins associate with it. There is also a thing called BAML which is used as a resource file to the applications in Avalon.

  3. YiBo says:

    Hi Rob,

     Please correct me if i got something wrong in the above explaination.

  4. RobBurke says:

    Hi Paul and YiBo!  Yes, YiBo is correct on XBAP apps, they are Windows Presentation Foundation applications that run in the browser.

    I have had success helping Mac users view them using Parallels, if you are interested.  Just install .NET 3.0 into the Windows bit.  Actually, I would be curious to know how smoothly the Doninoken video looks when running in Parallels, since I haven’t had a lot of first-hand experience on .NET 3.0’s performance in Parallels and wonder how a full 3D "app" like this would perform.

    YiBo also alludes to WPF/E, which is the Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere.  It’s the cross-platform subset of WPF, which is still in the pipe.  Scott Guthrie has a good discussion of WPF/E in this video with Rory: http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2007/01/12/video-interview-of-me-talking-about-wpf-e-orcas-iis7-and-mix.aspx

  5. The British Library has created an application using the Windows Presentation Foundation that lets you

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