Ireland Vista Launch Party – Republic of Loose photos

Irish band Republic of Loose played The Village in Dublin last night for Microsoft Ireland’s Vista launch party.  It was a sold-out free gig that’s part of the Experience Wow Vista fanfare here in Ireland. I came armed with my camera and there’s a set of photos up on Flickr now.  If you haven’t heard Republic of Loose before,…


British Library WPF Application: Leaf through & annotate historic texts

The British Library has launched an application that uses the Windows Presentation Foundation to let you leaf through historic texts.  Like Doninoken (mentioned yesterday), it’s published as an XBAP – a WPF application that runs within Internet Explorer, and uses WPF’s 3D capabilities. Check it out – you can read Alice written in Lewis Carroll’s…


Bill Gates on the Daily Show

Bill Gates was great on The Daily Show!  (Link goes to Youtube clip.)      


WPF: Free DataGrid control, Doninoken movie

There were a couple of interesting Windows Presentation Foundation bits I’ve seen recently. A third-party called XCeed has released a DataGrid control for WPF that is free of charge!  A DataGrid was conspicuously missing from the WPF toolbox and I think XCeed are on to a winner here.  Click through the link for a demo…


Photography Phriday: Nikon RAW (NEF) Codec for Vista, and Microsoft Photo Info for Vista, XP

Two nice new downloads for photographers made me re-think my photo-processing pipeline today. Nikon has released their RAW (NEF) Codec for Vista.  Follow the link to download it, or open Vista’s Windows Photo Gallery and it will automatically check for updates and prompt you.  You’ll get Vista Live Icons for RAW images, as well as…


A week in the arctic (.NET, AI, Photography, Moose)

In the spirit of five things you didn’t know about me comes thing #6 you were blissfully unaware of: #6: I spent a summer north of the arctic circle, in Tromsø, northern Norway and #6a: I was up there again last week!  Here’s stuff from my trip along the themes of this blog:   .NET and AI: I…


Upcoming Dublin Event: ‘A Day of Connected Systems’

What do the Windows Communication Framework (WCF), BizTalk 2006 and SQL Server Service Broker have in common?  They’re three strategic Microsoft technologies that offer developers opportunities to build applications that tightly link together users in the organisation, customers, and business partners. As a developer or architect, you may see the value of these tools… but…


Develop, Design, Deploy

Over the holidays, I built a data-driven website for a family member.  It gave me a chance to explore some new Microsoft web technologies and tools hands-on.  Here’s how I developed, designed, and deployed the site: Develop: using ASP.NET AJAX and Visual Studio Web Developer Express Edition I wanted to use the features of ASP.NET…


We are running the Imagine Cup in Ireland this year!

For the first time ever, this year’s Imagine Cup competition will include Ireland!  I just got out of a meeting with Liam Cronin, one of my colleagues here at Microsoft Ireland, who is leading the charge and making it happen. The Imagine Cup is an international competition for students, with 9 categories that span Technology Solutions,…