Try the Photosynth technology preview!

The first Photosynth technology preview has hit the web!  Today, you can visit the Photosynth site to explore four different collections of photos in 3D space.

Back in August, the Photosynth team announced their work at the SIGGRAPH 2006 conference, along with a lot of amazing Microsoft research into visualization.  And now, just a few months later, if you're using IE6 or IE7 you can try it yourself!  (Let me pre-empt the inevitable comment: the Photosynth team makes very clear that they intend to support other browsers, and this is only the first technology preview.)

To learn more about Phytosynth, start here, at the Photosynth Team blog.  They explain what Photosynth does, and point you to where you can explore collections of photos today. 

They also also answer the most frequently asked question: when can us mere mortals make our own Photosynth collections?  The answer: they're working on it 🙂

For now, go and explore Piazza San Marco in Venice (which I actually visited recently in real life), Piazza San Pietro in Rome, Gary Faigin's Studio (he's a Seattle artist), or just do what I did, and head straight to the Grassi Lakes, which are found in the Rockies back in my home and native land.


Wait a sec: this is my first blog entry ever that contains software development, AI, photography and moose.  Hooray!!

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