ASP.NET Ajax (formerly "Atlas") goes Beta 2

ASP.NET AJAXThey've just released ASP.NET Ajax (formerly ASP.NET "Atlas") in Beta 2 over on the ASP.NET site.  (In fact, now redirects to

They've changed the control namespaces from atlas: to asp:, so I need to do a bit of search-'n'-replace on Mosaic Art by Siofra, my long-suffering "Atlas" demo, in order to port it into Beta 2.

I was just in Brad Abrams' presentation on the designer/developer workflow using Expression Web Designer (currently available for download in Beta 1 form) and Visual Studio Web Developer Express (a free download).  I was impressed by some of the new designer functionality in Expression.  A great toolset is coming together for ASP.NET web application builders!


Comments (2)

  1. BradA says:

    Thanks Rob!  Glad you found the session helpful… thanks for comming!

  2. Gustavo says:

    Hello, I have just uploaded a beta version of my ajax powered application and was wondering if people wanted to give me feedback about it.

    The website is called trippish and is at

    Trippish is a mashup, combining information from Microsoft Live Earth and the National Weather Service. Trippish gives users driving directions and tells users what the weather will be like along the route.  Forecasts are calibrated to when the user plans to leave and how fast he or she expects to drive. "Accordion" and "Watermark" are among the controls used in this page.

    Thanks so much in advance for your feedback!


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