Introducing NLarge – screen magnifier utility for presentations

NLarge is a free little utility for technical presentations.  It magnifies the screen (via a smooth animation), and allows you to pan and zoom around the magnified image.  You can annotate the magnified screen using the mouse or a Tablet PC pen.  NLarge runs from your system tray, and is triggered by a hotkey (Alt-1)….


Internet Explorer 7 and distribution via Automatic Updates

I’ve had a number of people ask me about Internet Explorer 7, which was released last week.  It is currently available for download at this site, where it was downloaded by over three million people in the first four days. Microsoft announced back in July that IE7 was going to be distributed via Automatic Updates…


Let them eat cake – the web’s a better place

Firefox 2 was released yesterday and it turns out the Internet Explorer team sent them a cake. Reports are it was a tasty chocolate rum cake 🙂 As I said yesterday, between IE7, Firefox 2, and an arsenal of add-ins, the web’s a better place these days.


Must-have Add-Ins for Internet Explorer 7

The Internet Explorer 7 Team posted an amazing list of must-have Add-Ins for IE7.  Some I’d seen, some were new, and I’m using almost all of them now. If you’re not surfing the web with IE7 yet, you can get it here, or Automatic Updates will push it out to you in a few weeks, as described…


Windows Live for Developers: Online Resource hub. In Beta, natch.

What does Windows Live have to offer Developers?  Have you ever wanted to… … add Virtual Earth to a website?  … use the Live platform to build Messenger activities? … build Search on your site? … write your own Gadgets? … perform authentication and authorization with Live IDs? …  or — do something else with the other…


where Design comes from this month

There’s a fresh wealth of design ideas in this month’s Where Design Comes From newsletter.    My favorite piece is Jonathan Yuen’s design portfolio, which he’s delicately sketched with ink and innovation.  Interacting is a joy and gives a satisfying sense of discovery.  Frame the frog, for instance, to find his photo gallery. Uniqlo showcases garments…


SQL Server 2005 – scripting your database for moving to your hoster – Hosting Toolkit

I’ve written before about how to ease the challenge of scripting your data to move it from a local SQL Server 2005 .mdf database to a hoster. Things got a little easier today with the SQL Server Hosting Toolkit, which, in its first incarnation, is a command line tool that generates a T-SQL script designed…


Students ask the most interesting things

Last Wednesday I gave a presentation to SkyNet, the University of Limerick Computer Society.  About 30 undergrad and graduate students turned up for Atlas, Vista and pizza, in that order. What I showed them was basically a riff on my ASP.NET “Atlas” presentation from ApacheCon Europe, but I also spent some time talking about the…


Windows Vista RC2 – First Impressions

Windows Vista RC2 (build 5744) was available internally late last week, and I’m writing to you from it right now.  It’s available for download to technical beta testers, Customer Preview Program participants, TAP Testers, and MSDN/TechNet subscribers.  Here are the details and announcement in the Windows Vista blog. I upgraded my Vista RC1 machine to RC2 on…


Looking for a few great launch Partners

Launch is coming soon, not just for Windows Vista and .NET 3.0, but also the 2007 Office System and Exchange 2007.  We’re looking for a few great Partners to be involved in this very significant event. Over the past two weeks, I’ve met with local development teams who are building applications using Vista-era technologies, including…