Windows Vista Secrets series

Windows Vista Tim Sneath is on a roll with his series of Windows Vista Secrets posts, and rumour has it he has something like 100 of these in the pipe.

A hundred or not, he has me at four. 🙂

1. "Open Command Prompt Here."  No Power Toy intervention necessary.

2. "Copy as Path".  (Lovely postscript to secret #1.)

3. Bringing back Start/Run.  (This one's not for me - Windows+R still works as a shortcut, and to be honest, I love the new program search filter on the Start menu.)

4. Disabling the User Account Control feature that I was whinging about.  (Already found this, alas...)

I'm all for revealing secrets like these, so Vista RC1 users, go subscribe...


p.s. I'm sure it will be revealed later in Tim's posts, but one way Vista helps make its features less secretive is the "Show Me" feature in Windows Help and Support.

- Click Start (or whatever the Windows logo is called now!). 
- Click "Help and Support"
- Search for something like "show all icons in the notification area"
- Click "Show me step-by-step"
- Watch as Vista guides you step by step, showing you exactly what to click and where.

Windows Vista


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