Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals – CTP available for download

Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals is a suite of tools designed to help database professionals take control of change, automate database testing, and improve collaboration and communication. 

The data dudes at The Register had some nice things to say about it today.

The Community Tech Preview is available for free download from the Microsoft site.  The CTP installs on top of Visual Studio 2005 Professional or higher.  I am very impressed - particularly by the database schema management, the automated testing framework, and the integration into the rest of Team Suite and Team Foundation Server.  I look forward to exploring it further.

The most useful resources I found were linked from the Database Professional Team Center.  There you'll find the team members' blogs, forums, a FAQ, and two well-produced short videos that show importing a database schema and creating a database unit test. 

If you'd like to see it in action quickly, watch those two videos. They're about 5 minutes each.

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