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F:E:DWhere do you find inspiring examples of design and aesthetics?

I subscribe to Will Weyer's F:E:D, or Fresh Electronic Delivery, a monthly e-mail newsletter that showcases "the most inspiring industry examples of creative design and implementation."  Will runs a website called Where Design Comes From.

The pieces featured in F:E:D are authored in a variety of formats (primarily Flash), and most can be viewed in your browser.  Every month, several pieces dazzle me.

Oddly enough, Will doesn't provide an RSS feed for his newsletter, but I forgive him for it.  I like the fact that F:E:D arrives in my inbox - which is a rare thing these days.

All the back issues of F:E:D are available on the WDCF site.

Comments (5)

  1. Paul Watson says:

    Nice one, thanks Robert. I tend to keep up to date with the various CSS galleries out there which can be inspiring at times. I log the best that I find on my Blinklist: http://www.blinklist.com/PaulMWatson/good%20design/

  2. will says:

    If I every get around to fully launching the Where Design Comes From website (as I’ve dreamed it to be) I’ll be sure to get the RSS in there for you. I do like that it turns up in your inbox and will keep doing that as it just makes it a bit more presented in some ways.

  3. RobBurke says:

    Will, thanks for the note.  Yes, I do appreciate your attention to detail with the presentation.  It’s probably the same phenomenon that makes me want to receive a glossy paper copy of the programme for my local independent film theatre 🙂  

    If you wanted to preserve the look and feel, and reach people who don’t want it to land in their inbox, you could always have people subscribe to a feed that directs them with a link to new issues and articles on the site as they are published.  

  4. RobBurke says:

    Paul — great list! Thanks!

  5. will weyer says:


    That is interesting about the printed (glossy) copy. I’ve thought about that before. More in a way of printing it out just to have as an archive to flip through the history of all those links and features.

    There are some new things in the works at WDCF and I’ll be re-launching the site soon to share all of that with the design crowd. Stay tuned!

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