XNA Game Studio Express

XNA"XNA Game Studio Express is a set of tools based on Visual C# Express 2005 that allow students and hobbyists to build games that target both Windows and Xbox 360." 

To all the enthusiasts, hobbyists and students who have ever asked me if they could develop apps for their Xbox 360, this is the news you were waiting for! 

Not only can you develop apps for your Xbox 360, but you can do so using a managed language that makes use of a custom, native implementation of the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 CLR (Common Language Runtime).

The beta is coming August 30th.  Here's more about XNA from the DirectX Developer Center.

[Update 15 Aug: Robert Scoble's thoughtful post alludes to the bigger story here: the Xbox 360 platform is being opened up.  You'll notice above I referred to developing apps for the 360 rather than developing games...]

From the FAQ on that site:

Windows Development with Game Studio Express
Developers will be able to download Game Studio Express from MSDN and develop games for Windows for no cost. Additionally, XNA Game Studio Express will allow developers to commercialize their games for Windows.

Xbox 360 Development with Game Studio Express
Developers wishing to target Xbox 360 for game development will need to join the XNA Creator’s Club. The XNA Creator’s Club will be a new Xbox Live subscription offering that will provide the additional pieces needed to develop non-commercial XNA Framework-based games on an Xbox 360 retail kit. The subscription program will be open to everyone. The subscription is available in 2 options, $99 a year or $49 for 4 months.

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  1. roger says:

    if i don’t have any background for programming but i know 3 d studio max can i develop games easily with XNA Game Studio Express ?

    can we find tutorials for XNA Game Studio Express ?

  2. RobBurke says:

    Hi Roger, there will be some programming required, but there are definitely resources planned.  I don’t know the details yet – XNA Game Studio Express goes into beta today.  In a more recent blog entry I have links to a number of resources you may find helpful.  

  3. Dave says:


    This may be the way that I get my son in to computers for something other than Games.  He’s expressed interest in wanting to learn how to make his own games, so this could be it.  

    Anyway, can I get some advice on what would be the best path for him to take?  He has no programming experience, so it would have to be a Soup to Nuts approach.

    Any advice would be welcome.


    Dave Burkett

  4. RobBurke says:

    Dave, that’s a great question.  Mitch Walker has some great videos for getting started with XNA Studio on his blog, but of course some programming fundamentals would help your son as well.  I’ve heard of positive experiences with the Starter Kits that come with the various versions of Visual Web Developer Express.  Drop me a note and I’m happy to help out more.  It would make a really interesting post – the Soup to Nuts for going from a complete beginner to a game developer on the XBox 360.

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