MSDN Flash Ireland – International Resources – 1 Sept 06

Web Resources   [SQL Server and Data Access] 2006 PASS Community Summit: Microsoft SQL Server Users Conference & Expo November 14 – 17, Seattle, WA Secure your attendance to the year’s largest event dedicated exclusively to SQL Server education and networking. Join PASS to receive a discount on registration, and experience what a user group…


XNA Studio Express Beta now available

I just got word (through my free subscription to the Connect program) that XNA Game Studio Express Beta is available for download at the Microsoft Download Center from the location at this link.  You may be interested in a discussion in the XNA Team Blog about the XNA Framework Content Pipeline.  It includes video goodness….


Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals – CTP available for download

Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals is a suite of tools designed to help database professionals take control of change, automate database testing, and improve collaboration and communication.  The data dudes at The Register had some nice things to say about it today. The Community Tech Preview is available for free download from the…


Tame the CLR: Expect game-quality real-time performance from managed code

Game developers may be skeptical at first that the CLR’s managed environment can provide consistent, exceptional, real-time performance, but personal experience has shown me that for most situations it can.  Working within .NET’s managed environment provides numerous advantages and eliminates particular kinds of risks, but I won’t lie to you: to tame the CLR, it…


Andrew Blake, ‘Computer Science and Illusion’ presentation in Dublin, September 6th

A highly respected Senior Researcher from Microsoft Research in Cambridge is visiting Dublin on Wednesday September 6th to give an evening’s presentation titled Computer Science and Illusion: A Computational View of the Interpretation and Manipulation of Images.  Professor Andrew Blake has made major contributions to the field of Computer Vision, and he is also an accessible…


Where Design Comes From

Where do you find inspiring examples of design and aesthetics? I subscribe to Will Weyer’s F:E:D, or Fresh Electronic Delivery, a monthly e-mail newsletter that showcases “the most inspiring industry examples of creative design and implementation.”  Will runs a website called Where Design Comes From. The pieces featured in F:E:D are authored in a variety…


XNA is based on the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 – so what’s new in the world of mobility?

I’m still chomping at the bit for the XNA Framework and XNA Studio, which will allow .NET developers to write code that targets both Windows and the Xbox 360.  Here are some XNA Studio resources: the XNA Developer Center, XNA FAQ, XNA Game Studio Express Forum, XNA Framework Forum, XNA Team Blog, Mitch Walker’s Blog, and…


ASP.NET "Atlas" July CTP looks solid

I’ve just updated the Mosaic Art by Siofra site to the July CTP of Atlas.  It’s a simple site built with Atlas over a weekend, which I have shown a couple of times during demos.  Although there isn’t much difference from an end-user’s perspective, some issues I had with the site’s admin menus have gone…


MSDN Flash Ireland – International Resources – 16 Aug 2006

Web Resources [Mobile Development] Mobile Connections November 6 – 9, Las Vegas, NV This premier event will showcase mobile development technologies for both mobile PCs (laptops, Tablet PCs, Ultra-Mobile PCs) and mobile devices (Smartphones, Pocket PCs). View the session list and register now to take advantage of the early-bird rate. [Mobile Development] [Embedded Development] MSDN…


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This is a temporary post that was not deleted. Or perhaps it’s more than that 🙂 It’s certainly a giveaway sign that I’m using Windows Live Writer, Microsoft’s new blogging utility that’s all the buzz. I am most impressed by its simple, elegant interface.  Configuring it to post this blog entry was a snap. But great simplicity…