Cork geek dinner (Updated 9 June with pics & links)

IT@CorkI had a great time at last night's geek dinner here in Cork.  Compliments to Damien Mulley for organizing a fun night out on the eve of today's conference with the controversial name

I met a ton of great people and had some great chats, including one with fellow Canoodian Salim Ismael.  (I was contributing to the disproportionately high Canoodian content last night, and I suspect that our secret plans for world domination are somewhat too transparent recently).

The cameras were flashing fast and furious, but ludicrously, I left mine behind.  I'll update this & link to the blogs of the triggerhappy photographers as soon as their piccies are online. 

[Update: Here are some photos!]

[Update 9 June: Here are snaps and thoughts from DamienTom, Donncha and Bernie.

I really enjoyed the conference yesterday and met some incredibly interesting people - it definitely deserves its own blog entry!]


I should be prepping for my talk now, but before I do...

Limited Edition HughI had my first taste of Stormhoek wine last night, and it's tasty stuff.  The bottle's label is priceless, from its "Ultimate Freshness" indicator to their request for feedback by text message!  Talk about a savvy way to trigger dinner conversation (and feedback!).  Even more priceless was Hugh's accompanying brochure, "Wine Blogging as Marketing Disruption," which explained how Stormhoek and wine is taking "Web 2.0" and blog marketing out of the too-comfortable techie sphere.

And I'm putting up my Limited Edition Hugh (pictured here) when I get home, too 🙂 

Gotta go... but thanks again to Hugh, Damien, Tom and everyone who made last night happen!

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  1. Hugh MacLeod says:

    Thanks for the kind words =)

    Glad you liked the wee brochure- that was fun to put together.

    I’m going to be signing a lot of prints from now on, it seems…

    Rock on.

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