Royale (not with cheese) – and Energy Blue

Royale theme for WinXP In my demos in Belfast and Dublin, I was running Windows XP on my laptop, but I decked XP out with a Theme that made it look a lot like a Media Centre PC.

The theme is called Royale, and our friends at Microsoft New Zealand released it officially a few months back.  At one point I downloaded it from, but I can't find it there now.  This is where it used to live


[Update: Even nicer than Royale (and very similar) is a theme called Energy Blue.  It is designed for the Tablet PC, and found in this Tablet PC Experience Pack.  The Experience Pack (at that link) only installs onto a Tablet PC.  However, I used the instructions on this page to successfully install Energy Blue onto regular Windows XP.  Thanks to Marcus Barton for the link!

Meanwhile, the link to on this page, which redirects to, definitely seems broken.]

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  1. RobBurke says:

    Thanks Adrian! The second (Romanian) download link seems to work. I wonder why it’s no longer on the Microsoft download pages.

  2. OneOfTheTwelve says:

    It’s now called "Energy Blue" and it’s available for example here,

    Name got changed before MCE2005 went RTM, "Royale" was the name in beta builds.

  3. martinwoodward says:

    If you want the comfort of downloading it from a url then see this download…



  4. RobBurke says:

    Martin: Can you find it at that link?  I can’t…

  5. Dean says:

    It was at that link earlier as i downloaded it yesterday its strange that it is gone are my eyes decieving me 🙁

  6. martinwoodward says:

    No, you are right – it has gone now.  But it definately was there.

    Even the instructions are still there "For the ‘Royale’ theme, open the .zip file and extract the file. Then go to your desktop, right click and select ‘Properties’. Go to the ‘Themes’ tab and select ‘Royale’ from the dropdown list. Choose ‘ok’."

    I wonder if the files shouldn’t have been posted by the NZ team?

    Very odd.

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