I drank the last of my favourite green tea ever

My favourite green tea ever I took this photograph of the package of my favourite green tea ever (click to enlarge).  It was a gift to my girlfriend's Dad, and it came from China. 

Today, I drank my last heartwarming mug, and those are my only leads in a quest to find some more.

Would some kind soul help me find some more of this wonderful tea?  Perhaps by even translating its name for me?

[Update: Is it possible, as per Gurry's comment, that this is Japanese?]

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  1. gurry@isacn.org says:


    Are you sure this tea is from China?I found the language is Janpanese.

    Btw,I’m Chinese.

  2. RobBurke says:

    Thanks so much, Gurry… I am not sure, it could very well be Japanese.  I can’t read either language!

  3. Colm Torris says:

    Hi Rob,

    I have seen that brand before… don’t know where you can buy it (though maybe the Asian Market on Drury St. would be worth a try).  

    However, you have to take the Geen Tea Challange!  … I have a few boxes of my favourite green tea at home (Chinese Jasmine) … and will bring one into the office next week for you to try out next week!  Which one is better – you decide 🙂

  4. There’s a good Asian Supermarket here in Belfast, next time I’m in I’ll have a look and then blackmail you to do a talk up here for NIMTUG.

    Is tea becoming the drink of choice of developers?

    atm I’m drinking alot of Red Bush tea

  5. RobBurke says:

    I’d like that very much, Simon (blackmailing included)

    I just love green tea – I reckon it’s good for the chi, or something…

    What’s Red Bush tea?  No connection to Red Bull tea I’m hoping? 😉

  6. RobBurke says:

    Colm, I’ll go hunting on Drury St and will update this when I do!  Thanks man!

  7. ericfish says:

    Hi Rob,

    This ‘高山茶’ is made in Chinese Taiwan, the name means tea leaves harvested at high altitude mountain.

    See if you can buy some from ebay:


    BTW, I am from China, and I like your blog 🙂

    If anything else I can help feel free to e-mail me: ericfish@gmail.com

  8. YiBo says:

    Hi Rob,

     I have one home in China. I will see whether i could find it if i am going back this summer.

     Contact me if you need more. You should have my email.

  9. While scanning through the papers this weekend (over some Taiwanese High Mountain green tea which was…

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