Microsoft Ireland Web Developer Competition Winners for March

Winning sitesI'm delighted to announce our March winners of the Microsoft Ireland Web Developer competition!

Congratulations to Donal O'Donoghue, who developed the Castlebar Golf Club website, and Brendan Wyse, who built the Allenwood Celtic site. Both Donal and Brendan built their sites using ASP.NET, and, thanks to the miracles of random number generators, both are soon to be proud owners of Xbox 360 consoles!

Congratulations as well to Colin O'Keeffe, Colin Scanlan, Marcel van den Arend and Noel Carroll. All four of them entered sites which were randomly drawn as winners of Xbox 360 games.
Web developer competition The Web Developer competition, which you can read about at this site, runs between now and July.  This month's winners were chosen by a random draw.  In addition to random monthly draws like these (which should encourage you to enter the competition sooner than later!), there will also be grand prizes (including laptops) awarded for technical merit, artistic impression, and innovation.

Comments (6)

  1. Darrell McCrone says:

    Awesome work guys! Congrats.

    Plus Rob, for anyone who wants to know more about Web Development, Im organising a workshop on Thursday 13th April at 1pm in the Robert Emmet Theatre, Arts Block. Would you be around to present?

    Check out my hub for more details:

  2. Paul Watson says:

    Nice going Rob. I am curious though; how many people entered?

  3. RobBurke says:

    Less than 30 at this point — so your chances are still very good!!

  4. Michael Walsh says:

    Oh man, renders badly in Firefox and less badly in Opera.

    Shouldn’t the goal of any website be to display correctly in more than one browser, never mind the technology it’s built on?

  5. RobBurke says:

    I agree, Michael.  I am guessing that it hasn’t been tested in those browsers.  Most of the controls work fine in Firefox (I demo advanced ASP.NET pages in Firefox regularly), but we have seen some controls that don’t seem to play well with Opera, including some of the menubar functionality.  Donal — I’d be happy to work with you to iron out any kinks with those browsers if you’d like.

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