Beta Experience for Vista and Office

Beta Experience Remember the Visual Studio 2005 Beta Experience program, which offered developers early access to Visual Studio and a steady stream of useful training resources?  The Beta Experience returns, this time to offer you early access to Windows Vista and Microsoft Office.  Head to

The Beta Experience program is just getting started.  On the way is a series of developer-oriented newsletters about specific Vista technology features. These will feature deep technical details and demo content.

The Beta Experience program will give you the option to order the first public builds of Vista and Office 12 as they become available.  (Developers in Ireland and Northern Ireland who are interested in receiving Vista builds should also be sure to sign up for the MSDN Connection Ireland program!)

Developers who have seen my recent demos of the March CTP of Vista with Office 12 Beta 1 Refresh running on top of it know that this is definitely the time to be starting to think about exploring Vista and Office!  OK, kicking the tires still occasionally hurts, but this stuff is well ready for exploration.

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