Introducing Little Syncr

I use Flickr to host my photos online.

I use
Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 Library to manage my photo collection locally.

I want to be able to edit the titles, descriptions and tags of my online images, using a rich interface, even when I'm offline.

Little Syncr

This is my little application that synchronizes photo information between my local photos and my flickr photos.

It looks like this:

This is Little Syncr!

If you use Flickr...

Little Syncr will let you:

  • Synchronize a directory of local photos with flickr.
  • Modify Titles and Descriptions locally.
  • [New] Modify Tag (metadata) information locally.
  • [New] Modify an image's Photoset membership locally.
  • [New] Modify an image's Visibility locally.

If you use Flickr and Digital Image Suite 2006 Library...

Little Syncr will also let you:

  • Modify Tag (metadata) information locally in DIS2006 by adding Keyword, People and Place Labels.
  • Modify an image's Photoset membership locally in DIS2006 by adding Event Labels.


Get Little Syncr

If you want to try it yourself, click
here.  Or, if you'd like, you can find out more about how it works for end users and technically.

A few important notes: Like everything these days, Little Syncr is in beta!  Little Syncr is something I did in my spare time; it's not supported by Microsoft.

The good news is that it's something I use myself, so I care about whether or not it works.  I'm glad to have it, so I thought I'd share 🙂 


Comments (12)

  1. adrianlester says:

    Let me get this right.  There’s something built in Irleand and it syncs.  Shouldn’t it be called Titanic? :-p

  2. Gordon Watts says:

    How about adding something so that only certian tags were synced? That way I could give it my whole photo collection, and it would upload only files that were marked with a "flickr" tag. 🙂

  3. Gordon Watts says:

    Oh. Right. Looks like it does that already (I really need to read first, speak second). How about scan a directory recursively? Ok. I’ll download and play.

  4. RobBurke says:

    Hi Gordon, that was originally going to be Little Syncr’s default behavior!  Little Syncr can do that for you.  In the "Sync Settings" menu, choose the "Digital Image Suite 2006 Library – Special Labels" tab, and check the "Only Synchronize photos marked with a special Keyword Label" box. 🙂

  5. RobBurke says:

    This conversation is happening in real-time 🙂  Yes, it does scan all subdirectories of a directory.  Thanks – I should make that clear on the web page.

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  9. mollyfud says:

    Man, just found this and its exactly what I am after except linking into ACDSee. Might have to check out MS Image and see if I should swap packages (unless your interested in interfacing LS to ACDSee, I would donate money to that effort!)


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  11. RobBurke says:

    Hi Molly – Thanks for the kind words – I don’t know how ACDSee supports metadata but I will look into it and consider adding support if possible!

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