INDA Limerick first meeting: Introduction to .NET and Visual Studio 2005

INDA Limerick A developer named Rob, coding quick,
Spoke of Dot Net, some Web Dev, and One Click*
To a packed house last night
He expressed his delight
About the new user group down in Lim'rick!

And here is the PowerPoint deck from that presentation: An Introduction to .NET and Visual Studio 2005 (January 2006 Microsoft Ireland Developer and Platform Group version 1.0) 🙂


*OK, it's Click Once, but you gotta take artistic license if you want these limerick things to actually be informative!

Comments (1)

  1. Derek Noonan says:

    Many thanks for the talk last night, it was really good and most informative!

    Sent you an email (check your Junk Email folder as MSFT doesn’t like Dell for some reason)

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