John Grace at INDA on .NET build tools — More like that!

INDA Cork At last night's INDA Cork meeting, I was co-presenting with local expert John Grace, who spoke with great authority and passion on .NET build tools, including Nant, FXCop, NDoc, and installers.

John's a great speaker, and has over 8 years of real-world project experience.  He was quick to point out how important project lifecycle tools are for any non-trivial development work.  I really hope we'll see John do more presentations like this in future!  

[Update: Here is a link to John's Powerpoint slides from his presentation on Build Tools.]

We also need to see more people from the (ever-growing) communities doing presentations like this.  Refreshingly honest voices, real-world experiences, and a chance afterwards to meet people and compare notes.  That's what these meetings should be all about.

After the talk, we (John, Joe Gill, and a few others) brainstormed possible future topics for INDA presentations. 

Here's the list we came up with:

  • Smart Client development using Web Services and ClickOnce
  • Avalon (Windows Presentation F'n)
  • nSpring
  • Linq
  • Hibernate
  • VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office)

Any takers? 🙂

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