A thought exercise for my European friends

Chizzlers and their parents skating on Toogood Pond in Canada Imagine this, if you will:


European society would collapse.

I've just survived the Canadian equivalent. 

See the "Postal Strike" clip on this page for the Royal Canadian Air Farce's humorous take on the horror that was the NHL players' strike.  (Americans suffered through the same, but on average they're a little less addicted to their hockey.)

Last night, over pizza and a tasty Ontario microbrew, I watched an NHL game with my family for the first time in over two years. 

The Leafs beat Boston 2-1 (hooray!), which was a low score given that the nets are bigger this year.  And between periods on the CBC, Don Cherry is still telling it like it is.

It was great, and for a kid who grew up across the street from a pond that we skated on every winter (pictured above), watching hockey at home again felt... natural.

Bring on Torino 2006!! 🙂

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