‘Tis the Season to be Coding! (More Sudokus, More X-Box 360 Shenanigans, and the WinFX December CTP!)

Cormac O'Brien pointed me to his brother's .NET Sudoku Solver that uses a rich Windows Forms interface to show you each step it takes to solve the puzzle!

And Don Box has festively raised the stakes of what can be done using .NET and an X-Box 360 Controller, by adding a dash of SOAP and -- wait for it -- his piano!

And as if all this wasn’t enough to get you into the coding spirit, the December CTP (Community Tech Preview) of WinFX is available for downloadAnd it supports the RTM (Release-To-Manufacturer) version of Visual Studio 2005!!  One of the most exciting additions in this release is the Visual Designer for Windows Presentation Foundation (The Cool Graphics Framework Formerly Known As Avalon).

Equipped with Visual Studio 2005 and the WinFX December CTP, you can celebrate Christmas in the new new fashioned way...!

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