Tablet PC + XBox 360 Controller == Rumbly Pub Shenanigans

XBox 360 Controller and Tablet PC (together at last) Don Box posted some code that lets you communicate with a wired XBox 360 Controller that's plugged into your PC using Managed DirectX.  Too cool!  I don't have an XBox360 (yet), but I own an XBox360 controller now 😉

On the way into town last night, I coded up a simple app for my Tablet PC that lets you rumble the XBox controller around by moving your pen across the screen.  It just maps the x- and y-axes of the screen to the intensity of the controller's left and right rumble thingies respectively.

This newfound power was promptly put to use by those of us in the pub by getting the controller to vibrate its way across the table and back.

Great craic!  And does anyone else find that their controller's left-side vibrator can rumble a lot more vigorously than the right one?

Comments (3)

  1. regarding motor strength, from the documentation : "Note that the right motor is the high-frequency motor, the left motor is the low-frequency motor. They do not always need to be set to the same amount, as they provide different effects."

  2. RobBurke says:

    Casey, thanks for that! I’ll have to read the documentation before I start coding up the next AAA game 🙂

    Cool blog, by the way!

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