Tomorrow in Dublin: Indigo for the COM, COM+ and MSMQ Developer

Because it's never too late to plug a worthwhile event, I wanted to mention that Paul Fallon is going to be speaking tomorrow night at the Morgan Hotel in Temple Bar on surely his favourite topic, Indigo (a.k.a. the Windows Communication Framework). 

I'd love to be there, but will be out in Galway for the final Irish launch event of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005!  For those of you in Dublin, here's the information about Paul's session, which is hosted by IrishDev:

Session Title: Indigo for the COM, COM+ and MSMQ Developer

Location: The Morgan Hotel, Templebar, Dublin 2.
Time: December 7th, 7pm

Target audience: Developers using VB6, VC++, Delphi and .NET, that leverage the following technologies, COM, COM+ and MSMQ developer and have an interest in how Indigo integrates with current Microsoft technologies or want to know about migratation options to Indigo

Session Details: In the session Paul will provide a brief overview of Indigo's capabilities and concepts; and will then focus on how Indigo integrates with existing Microsoft technologies, specifically COM, COM+, Enterprise Services and Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ).

As well as covering the features and capabilities for wire-level integration for existing investments in COM, COM+, Enterprise Services and MSMQ, Paul will cover some real world scenarios of how code may be migrated and the options available to developers. This will include code written in VB6, Delphi, VC++ and .NET, and what options are available when migrating code to .NET 2.0 or to Indigo.


Comments (1)

  1. Paul Fallon says:

    Ta for the metion of the event!

    Enjoy Galway!


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