20 Years in Ireland Academic Celebration Update


The Microsoft 20 Years in Ireland Academic Celebration is going strong, with faculty and students from over 20 academic institutions signed up for the program!   

If you’re a student (at a 3rd-level academic institution in Ireland or Northern Ireland):

You have until the 31st of May to sign up for the chance to win a trip to TechEd Europe 2005 in Amsterdam this July.  Sign up for the webcast to enter yourself into the draw, and we’ll send you a free .NET resource kit as well.  Don’t forget to tune into the webcast on the 1st of June and information about finding a job with .NET in Ireland (and to see who wins the trip!).  Pass along the word to your classmates! 

If you’re a faculty member:

The first two sets of books have arrived in Dublin and I’m drooling over them.  They'll be on their way soon.  Compliments to everyone who helped us arrive at this collection.  Superb.  Bedtime.  Reading.

Are you a member of an Engineering or Computing Society?

A member of a TCD-based Computing Society made a very good point to me yesterday: the books and resources aren’t as useful if students (as well as faculty) can't get their hands on them.  If you’re a member of a Engineering or Computing Society, write to me, and let’s see what we can do about getting book copies into your hands as well.

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