Things I wish they’d taught me

Here's this really interesting academic paper by Microsoft's Eric Brechner on Things They Would Not Teach Me of in College: What Microsoft Developers Learn Later.

He proposes five courses that he'd love to see taught during the undergraduate years for Computer Science students:

  • Design analysis,
  • Embracing diversity,
  • Multidisciplinary Project Teaming
  • Large-Scale Development
  • Quality Code That Lasts

Not entirely tangential to this discussion is our .NET resources library for the 20 Years In Ireland Academic Celebration.  Some of the books we include directly address Eric's proposed course content.  Are there any gaping holes?

[Update x2: It looks like an ACM subscription is required to view the article.  Sabotaged.  Sorry.]

Comments (4)

  1. reader says:

    Cannot access the document – need subscription?

  2. NeilOwrutsky says:

    Seems like u need a subscription to one of ACMs groups/mags to view this article 🙁

  3. RobBurke says:

    I’m working on finding a public link; sorry, I couldn’t see it required a login…

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