MSDN Science, Research and Engineering Webcasts

The month of May will feature a series of MSDN Webcasts that deep-dive into the science, research and engineering motivations behind Microsoft technologies (both present and future).  There will definitely be some gems in there!

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Here's the introductory information from the page:

Why did Microsoft make the design decisions it did when designing .NET and the Common Language Runtime? Why did it commit the substantial resources necessary to add support for functional programming languages and other "academic" languages? What kind of thought really goes into creating a security framework, and where do the experiences and knowledge of academia fit in? When Microsoft looks at improving its technologies, who are the kinds of people that play leading roles? (Hint: They are often former academics). Who are the people who are driving this change?

To answer these questions, MSDN Webcasts presents a series that examines the science, research, and engineering behind Microsoft technologies, with lectures presented by scientists and engineers at Microsoft and Microsoft Research who are responsible for these advances. Microsoft technologies are the result some of the most complex engineering projects ever attempted, and Microsoft has incorporated many advanced concepts from computer science into its products. This webcast series highlights Microsoft scientists and engineers who are influencing the current and next generations of Microsoft technologies. Some of them are specialists, known only within their chosen field; others are well known internationally. Subject matter for these webcast lectures incorporates cutting-edge research for future products, as well as the science in existing products.

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